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I have seen you in the light of dawn

Now I seek you in the storm

Though I feel the waves crashing in

I know I’m not alone


I have heard you in the mountain

Now time to cross the sea


Even though I may feel worried

I know you are here for me



So I’ll hold on, hold on

To what you promised me

And I’ll carry on, carry on

The path you’ve planned for me



In the moments when I’m fearful

You whisper in my ear

And your spirit comes and comforts me

Wipes away my tears


In the stillness of our secret place

You show me how to trust

The words you say are greater

They are gold, they will not rust



So I’ll hold on, hold on

To what you promised me

And I’ll carry on, carry on

The path you’ve planned for me



Looking unto Jesus

The author of our faith

Let us run the race

With the prize before our eyes


Our hearts he will strengthen

Our hands and feeble knees

And he will make our paths straight

He’s a lamp to guide our feet

Until one day we’ll meet x3


Author: Perfect Bliss

BPM: 83



The stories we have lived


Have Left us with some scars

C# B F#

Now are our pride and joy

C# B F#

A witness of grace divine



B G#m

I won’t fear at all


We will meet at our secret place

B G#m

I won’t shed a tear

G#m B

I am safe in your shelter

G#m C#

My castle is your embrace


B D#m

You surround me

B D#m C# B

You’re all around me breathing life into me

B D#m

And I will love you

B D#m C# B

Yes I still need you by my side tonight


And as the years go by

If mountains move their place

And rivers turn to dust

I’ll be right by your side

Knowing your heart is mine

Come Back Home

AUTHOR: David Santos // Perfect Bliss

Date: August 2012 // Recorded: February 2019

Key: Bb

Click: 72






Bb                             Eb 

Baby I’ve been thinking lot of you

Cm             F                  Bb  Eb/Bb

Lately I can’t wait till I’m with you


What I hope is when you hear this song

    Eb                    C9

It reminds you of what we were

Eb            F                    Bb

Baby I’m just waiting for you back home.


I told you all the secrets to my heart

you promised me we’d never be apart

I never thought to see the day

that you’d hurt me like you did

I was hurt but baby please come home






All things say


I should lose these foolish dreams


But losing a friend


Is not as easy as it Seems


So I picture us together now until forever



You bet it all


and you lost it in the rain


Now you’re left


with the rubble of your pain


Forgiving is my way of saying there’s no shame


in coming home





You went away

in search of your own dreams

Though you left

I kept you in my heart

you’re all alone and feeling lost

at the crossroads of life

Turn to me

I’m waiting for you back home







Home is where you wanna be


On a rainy day with your family

   Bb               Eb

So baby please come home



Home is where you’ll find a friend


That will stick with you till the very end

Bb                 Eb

Baby please come home


Forgiving is my way of saying there’s no shame


In coming home



Esconderijo (Sigo o Som da tua Voz)



Ofusco o sol para te ver

E escondo a lua no olhar

E por um momento – David e Brigite

Pinto o silencio

De azul


Perco o norte rumo ao sul – David e Brigite

Na certeza de te ver

Pois a minha vida

É de um só sentido

Para ti



Sigo o som da tua voz

Até ao teu esconderijo (x2)

Para ver quem sou pelo teu olhar



Esqueço sábios e razoes David e Brigite

E mergulho sem saber

Pra negar ao vento

O prazer incerto de me tocar


Já não sou mais quem eu sou David e Brigite

Perdi-me so para te encontrar

Pois provei do tempo

Que para lá espera

Pinta o sol



Sigo o som da tua voz

Até ao teu esconderijo (x2)

Para ver quem sou pelo teu olhar

Hold me Close to You

Hold me close to you
with your strong embrace
don’t let me fall
I’m counting on your grace
I know the path is rough and the road is narrow guide my feet don’t let me walk away

I believe in Jesus
in the power of his love
though I’ve walked across some valleys I’m saved by grace
I’m saved by grace

In this lonesome quest
I don’t walk alone
you light the way
that leads me to my home holding just one thought I’m moving fourth

a simple simple truth You love me as I am

MUITO MAIS (David Santos)




G G G Eb C G G G Eb Bb G G Eb Eb D

C G G G Eb Bb G G Eb Eb D





C7+                 C7

Se eu um dia puder cair


Não vou desistir

Ab             Bb      C

Levanto-me e não fico no chão


C7+             C7

A minha força não vem de MIM


Vem do Senhor

Ab        Bb      C

Que me ama e não larga da mão



Am        Bb

Não cedo à vista ou à tentação

Am           G                                F

Mas sigo com fé a caminhada que Jesus me ensinou





C      G            Bb        F

Muito acima do que alguém já pensou

C  G           Bb        F

E ainda algum ouvido escutou

C      G            Bb            F

Coisas grandes que ninguém jamais viu

Ab             Bb      C

Tudo isso Deus para mim guardou








Os meus olhos só vão olhar

Ao que Ele prometeu

É fiel e eu sei vai cumprir


A minha parte é acreditar,

não vou vacilar

e Ele abre os caminhos para mim



No tempo de espera eu vou louvar

e faço uma rega que inunda com fé o meu coração




2x + 3x “Tudo isso…”



Só um pouco mais

e o que espero vai chegar




Perfect Bliss

Open Door


I was so obsessed to be

some way like the rest

Forgetting all this time

you wanted me instead


I took a lot of time to see

what you had in mind for me

Your plans go far beyond

What I can understand


Pre chorus

Yet you noticed I’m honest

Sometimes misunderstood

Cause words they don’t sound as they should



You knocked at my door

Cause you need someone to trust

A friend to rely on who’s faithful enough

I give up my plans every time you come around

Cause I’m happy you stay with me

So happy you stay with me


Verse 2

I Walked a thousand miles

To come right back to the start

Of knowing what it means

That you’re in control


I tryed to run away

Now I’m tired of all the wait

This time you take the wheel

I’m Just letting go



All the wrong turns

And the dead ends

Of trying to lead my way

Just undo my work

Start from blank

The path (Carry My Cross)


I will follow the path where you take me ,

follow the path where you lead me ,


I will take up my cross and deny myself , all ,

at the end of the road a crown awaits for me


Aleluia, Jesus is King over everything

I will praise him, not only lips but all that I have

the riches I have are not silver or gold

but the priceless gift of salvation

the house that I own isn’t made of stone

but the body of Christ that saved me


VERSE 1 – David

I was blinded from birth

Cried out for your help

And you opened my eyes

Now that I see who you are

I’ve left all behind

And I’m not turning back


PRECHORUS – David and Brigite

You are the sun

That shines through the night

I can’t look away, I’m blinded by you



You are the reason x3

Why I live



You are the beacon of hope

Showing the way

Through the mist and the storms


Now that you’ve enlightened my soul – David and Brigite

Not only I’ll die, but for you I’ll live



You lit the way to the end of the tunnel – David and Brigite

With your smile and with your affection



You are the reason x3

Why I live / why…



Oh you’ve got me dancing

With the kings of this world

Now I just can’t help it

I will shout it door to door

Maybe I should stop but I just can’t hold it – David and Brigite

And keep it as my own

For you my love have brought me life

That flows right out of me –  The reason



You are the reason x3

Why I live